Unvested WOW are detailed here. Vesting schedules, listing release and cliff periods are all outlined per WOW allocation round.

Understanding My WOW

Locked: Balance of unvested WOW which remain locked until the vesting date. These WOW can be staked to earn rewards.

Allocation: Total allocation of non-circulating WOW; this comprises all (unvested) locked WOW + all (vested) unlocked WOW.

Staked unvested WOW: Number of non-circulating WOW you currently have staked.

Available to stake: Balance of non-circulating WOW which you hold but have not staked.

Unlocked: Number of non-circulating WOW which have fulfilled all vesting conditions and have been unlocked.

Claimable: Number of unlocked WOW which remain to be claimed. WOW must be claimed before staking.

Total claimed: Total WOW you have claimed to date.

NB: Before claiming your claimable tokens, ensure you will have sufficient WOW remaining to stake in your desired tier.

Unvested WOW rounds

Your allocation: Total number of non-circulating WOW allocated to you in this round.

Listing release: Percentage of WOW which are claimable on launch. These can be claimed and used as circulating WOW.

Cliff Period: Time until post-launch unlock of more WOW.

Vesting Period: Length of time for all non-circulating WOW to vest and become fully available to holders.

Release: Proportion of unvested WOW which are emitted per month.

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