🔓Introduction to staking

Staking allows WOW holders to contribute to the WOW Wealth Protocol while earning rewards from the protocol's wealth generation activities.

Purpose and Benefits

  • Staking provides WOW holders with an opportunity to earn passive rewards by actively contributing to the network's security and functioning.

  • In the WOW ecosystem, staking directly ties participants to the success of projects funded by the protocol, creating a shared incentive for growth and stability.

Staking Options

  • Fixed Staking: Users receive upfront shares that guarantee rewards over a predetermined period while tokens remain locked.

  • Flexi Staking: Users accumulate shares progressively over time while retaining the ability to unlock their tokens anytime.

Staking Tiers

  • Participants stake into specific tiers that define their access to rewards pools. Staking in a higher tier grants access to all lower tiers, increasing the range of rewards available.

  • Rewards are distributed in stable coin based on the shares held, reducing the potential market impact of large-scale selling.

Yield Distribution

  • Yield or rewards are distributed proportionally among staking participants via transparent smart contracts, ensuring fair and accurate distribution.

  • The protocol operates within a closed-loop economy where profits are reinvested, distributed as rewards, or used for a buyback-and-burn mechanism to enhance value.

🔒pageHow to stake WOW

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