⬇️Manually importing your WOW Access Pass (NFT) to Metamask

If you experience any difficulty in seeing your WOW Access Pass (NFT) in Metamask (or any other wallet) you can manually import the NFT.

  1. Open Metamask and ensure you are connected to the Arbitrum One network.

  2. Find Token ID

    1. In Metamask, copy your wallet address.

    2. Go to Arbiscan and paste your wallet address into the search field.

    3. Scroll down and click on the Erc721 Token Txns tab.

    4. Locate your WOW Access Pass (NFT) in the list and note the Token ID.

  1. NFT Contract Address: 0x241AaFfE0c386b795c0041D16BddAC2e59643718

  2. In Metamask, click on the β€˜NFTs’ tab.

  1. Add NFT

    1. Click on the β€˜Import NFTs’ button.

    2. Paste in the NFT Contract Address and your Token ID.

    3. Click Import.

Once added, you should see the NFT listed under the β€˜NFTs’ tab in your MetaMask wallet.

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