⌛Fixed staking

Fixed staking appeals to those who prefer a reliable and consistent earning strategy over a specific duration and who are willing to lock their tokens to maximize their rewards.

Fixed Staking is a method in the WOW ecosystem where token holders lock a specific amount of their WOW for a predetermined period. In return, they earn all of their shares at the beginning of the staking period, which entitles them to a proportional share of the rewards within a given tier.

Immediate Allocation

When users choose fixed staking, they receive shares that represent their portion of the rewards pool immediately at the start of the staking period. This upfront allocation allows them to begin earning more rewards right away.

Locked Tokens

WOW are locked for the entire duration of the staking period, meaning they cannot be withdrawn or traded until the period ends. This ensures that stakers remain committed to the protocol and have potential to earn consistently throughout the staking term.

Tier-Based Access

Staking into a particular tier gives users access to that tier's rewards pool and all lower tiers, allowing them to receive a broader share of the rewards within the ecosystem.

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